Monday, January 10, 2011

Extra 40% off Clearance Clothes and Shoes at Babies R Us

Thanks to Money Saving Mom, I got this coupon for a free tote bag and an extra 40% off clearance clothes and shoes that you can fit in the bag. There was A LOT of stuff on clearance, including a bunch of long sleeve graphic onesies and flannel shirts for $4.50. I didn't need a lot of stuff because the boys have plenty of clothes, however the zipper on Louie's jacket broke so I wanted to get him a new one for the rest of the season and then to save for Leo in a couple years.

I got one that was really nice for only $10!! I also picked up a couple pairs of flip flops that were only $1.20 and leg warmers (not pictured, but so cute...I want a girl one day!) that I'll give to my niece for $1. It's worth checking out if you need some stuff!

I love the coat on Louie :)

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