Monday, January 31, 2011

CVS Trip

After checking out Couponing for 4 this morning, I found out about CVS's Big Game deal. When you spend $15 on select Coke and Kraft products, you get $5 Extra Bucks. They also had Dawn Hand Renewal for $0.97 and I had coupons for $1/2 from 12/26 P&G.

So here's what I got:

First Order
3 12-packs of Diet Coke and Coke Zero=$9 ($3 each)
3 boxes of Wheat thins=$6 ($2 each)
Paid $15 plus tax, got $5 Extra Bucks

Second Order
4 Dawn Hand Renewal = $3.88($0.97 each)
Used 2 $1/2 coupons
1 CVS 2-pack sponges= $2.50
1 pack Orbit Gum= $1.27
Used $5 ECB, Paid $0.65 plus tax. got $0.50 Extra Bucks

If you are having a Super Bowl Party, stock up on your snacks and soda, these deals are good until Saturday!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Bow Tie

So making girly things has sure been fun!

However, there's one problem...I have two boys

I though of something cute and simple....bow ties! I used the tutorial on how to make a fabric bow from Kitty Cats and Airplanes that I used here. Instead of ribbon, I sewed together a piece of fabric and turned it  inside out. I folded it over in back and hot glued it. 

I pinched the front and hot glued it.

Then I wrapped another piece around it for the center of the bow.

 To clip it on, I glued a hair clip to the back.

Then I just clipped it to Leo's dress shirt...and Ta-da! He's so cute. :)


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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Double-Oven Mitt

Yesterday was my Grandma's surprise 75th Birthday Party! My Grandma is amazing, she does everything! She especially is a great baker and loves to bake, so for her birthday I decided to try out the tutorial from Smashed Peas and Carrots for a double oven mitt.

It was my first time using bias tape, and it was not easy! Something to know about my Grandma is she is also an amazing seamstress! Her and my mom even made my wedding dress! So I tried really hard on this oven mitt because I wanted it to be perfect!

Well, as much as I LOVE the fabric, the design, and the function...the bias tape did not turn out perfect. However, I don't think that mattered to my Grandma...

she loved it anyway! 

I hope to be as talented, strong, and beautiful, at 75 as my Grandma is! Happy Birthday, I love you!

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Thursday, January 20, 2011

How to Score Cheap Meat at Target

This morning I was able to run out and pick up some stuff at Target. Here are some of the things I got:

What I got:
2 Reach Floss=Free
2 Wish-bone Spritzers=$1.25
1 loaf of white bread=$0.30
1.5 chicken drumsicks=$1.99
2 Scoch-Brite Scrubbers=$1.99
2 Green Works Toilet Cleaner=$1.68
1 Green Works Dish Liquid=$2.09
1 lb Beef Stew Meat=$1.85
2 18ct Stayfree pads=$2.29
1 23ct Up Diapers=$6.29

Spent=$21.81 with tax

Now this wasn't my best shopping trip, especially because there were some items that they didn't let me use coupons on that I ended up not getting that would have been less than $0.50 (Target's coupon policy varies by cashier apparently...UGH!). My big score, however, was the meat.

Gold 'N Plump Chicken had a coupon for $1 off, which I was able to use on  drumsticks I found for $2.99, making them $1.99, and these are locally grown! However, sometimes (I believe at the end of the week) Target will add sticker coupons for $1-$3 off for meat that is about to expire - you can either use it immediately or freeze it! Today I found the Sutton and Dodge beef stew meat for $3.85 with a $1 off sticker and combined it with the $1 off Target coupon so I got a little more than 1 lb for $1.85! So print your coupons and see what kind of deals you can score!

Don't forget to check out Totally Target's weekly match-ups for all the best deals!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Target: Wish-bone Salad Spritzer $0.56 Each!

Right now at Target Wish-bone Salad Spritzer is is $1.69

Buy 2 (3.38)
Use 2 ($0.75 off 1 Target Coupon)
Use 1 ($0.75 off 2 Wish-bone coupon)

= 2 for $1.13 ($0.56 each)

Thanks, Totally Target, check here for her weekly match-up.

Meijer Starting 1/20: Free Bestlife Buttery Spread and McCormick's Spices

There are some great deals at Meijer this week, in Chicago-land their deals start on Thursdays, so get your coupons together for tomorrow. Here are some of my favorite deals:

Bestlife Buttery Spread $1
$1 Off Coupon

Minute Maid Orange Juice 64 fl oz 2/$4
BOGO Coupon
=$1 Each

McCormicks Spices 25%
Click here to see how this could be a little Money Maker!

See the rest of the Meijer deals that start tomorrow at Meijer Madness.

Happy Saving!

90 Years New

It seems like every time we go into our baement, we make a new discovery. A few months ago we discovered a few old doors down there in one of the many little rooms/closets. Each of them were solid oak doors and once very nice, but they had seen better days with layers of crackled paint, rusted knobs, and broken windows.

So my husband decided to take glass from one door to patch one of the broken windows in another door. We hung it up in the back to keep the cold from the back porch and basement out and it helped a lot! The only problem was that, as my brother would put it, it looked like a door from a haunted house! :)

It has been this way since around Thanksgiving, and finally we decided to go get some chemical stripper and try to strip down the old paint and give it a fresh new coat. My husband worked all day to get down to the original wood, he didn't get through quite all EIGHT layers but he did a good job and gave it a fresh coat of white paint. It's now our 90 year new door!

Hooray! Now for the trim... :)

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Saturday, January 15, 2011

Meal Deal of the Week 1/16

Pot roast is one my favorite things to make, especially in the winter! I love the smell, the ease of letting it sit all day, and its deliciousness! This week at Jewel Beef Chuck Bottomless Roast and Hormel Always Tender Center Pork Roast is on sale for $3.99/lb, which is not the cheapest ever...but when you buy 3 lbs of either, you get Farm Stand Carrots, Sleeved Celery, and a 3lb bag of Green Giant Klondike Rose Potatoes for FREE!  Check out Couponing For 4 for the rest of the Jewel deals right now!

Usually we eat about 2lbs for dinner and get leftovers (for two adults and 2 small kids). So 3 lbs should get 2-3 dinners out of it with all the leftovers!! My mother-in-law taught me how to prepare it and I sort of improvised from there! Here's how I do it:

1-1.5lbs beef or pork roast
2-3 chopped carrots
3-4 chopped potatoes
1-2 celery stalk
2 cloves of garlic chopped
Seasoned salt
3 tablespoons vinegar
1 bay leaf (optional)
2-3 tablespoons olive oil
1/4-1/2 cup of water


1.Place the roast in bottom of crock pot
2. Pour water over roast.
2. Sprinkle vinegar over roast (helps tenderize the meat)
3. Season meat with seasoned salt, oregano, pepper (to your liking)
4. Place chopped garlic over roast
5. Poor chopped veggies over roast
6. Season veggies and sprinkle with Olive Oil
7. Set crock pot to low and cook for 6 hours or more


Ready, Set, Go!

The other day when we were trying to kill the hour between dinner and bed, I noticed two of their many cars were battery operated and decided to race them! The kids loved it and started lining up all of their cars and trains to race. They never really got the idea of watching them to see which one would win, or pushing them against each other. They had fun none-the-less.

My Walgreens Trips - 8 free boxes of Special K!

This weekend I got some great deals at Walgreens! This was the last day of the sales and coupon match-ups for this week, but you can find next week's deals (starting tomorrow) here at Couponing For 4.

Here's what I did today:

3 Reach toothbrushes $3.99 and 1 for $4.99 = $16.96
Used 2 B1G1 free coupons (from 10/10 Red Plum insert) took off $7.89
Used 2 $2/2 took of $4
Used in-ad coupon for for $2 off each (up to 3) took off $6
Free plus $0.93 overage!

2  boxes of Special K 2/$5
Used 1 B1G1 free took off $2.50
Used $1/2 (from 1/2 Red Plum insert) took of $1
Paid $1.50 for two and got $2 Register Rewards, so I made $0.50!

I also bought 1 gallon milk on sale for $1.99

My total with tax was about $2.60 and I got $2 Register Rewards back!!

Then I did 2 more boxes of Special K with same coupons as above.
Paid $1.60, got $2 Register Rewards back!
(I had to do those deals separate to get another $2 Register Rewards)

Great deals!!

I did the same thing with the Special K deals yesterday when I was by a different Walgreens, so I now have 8 boxes basically free, and 4 packs of Orbit gum for $0.76 (Used 2 B1G1 free plus in-ad coupon took $0.67 off each)!!

Don't forget to check out the new match-ups so you can get great deals like this next week at Walgreens! Happy Shopping!


Monday, January 10, 2011

Extra 40% off Clearance Clothes and Shoes at Babies R Us

Thanks to Money Saving Mom, I got this coupon for a free tote bag and an extra 40% off clearance clothes and shoes that you can fit in the bag. There was A LOT of stuff on clearance, including a bunch of long sleeve graphic onesies and flannel shirts for $4.50. I didn't need a lot of stuff because the boys have plenty of clothes, however the zipper on Louie's jacket broke so I wanted to get him a new one for the rest of the season and then to save for Leo in a couple years.

I got one that was really nice for only $10!! I also picked up a couple pairs of flip flops that were only $1.20 and leg warmers (not pictured, but so cute...I want a girl one day!) that I'll give to my niece for $1. It's worth checking out if you need some stuff!

I love the coat on Louie :)

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