Friday, January 7, 2011

3-Pack Extension Cords for $0.87!

Yesterday I got to get out by myself for a few hours and got some amazing deals! I'll post the other deals seperately...but let's talk Target first.

Remember when I told you all about my After Christmas Traditions, like waiting until things are 90% off? Well Target is finally there! I'll be honest, there is not a ton of different options left, but the stuff they did have left, they had a lot of!

I got 3-packs of white extension cords for $0.87, really cute ornament hooks for $0.39, and really pretty
stockings with embroidered initials (I can't believe I found ALL of our initials-JACKPOT) for $1.30 each. Yep, everything was 90% off!!! There were a few other styles of stockings some only $0.60 and regular ornament hooks for $0.10! (Items may be different a different locations)

 So if you need any of these things make sure you get out to Target before they are all gone! Happy Shopping!

This is what I'm most excited about - $13 originally!


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