Wednesday, January 19, 2011

90 Years New

It seems like every time we go into our baement, we make a new discovery. A few months ago we discovered a few old doors down there in one of the many little rooms/closets. Each of them were solid oak doors and once very nice, but they had seen better days with layers of crackled paint, rusted knobs, and broken windows.

So my husband decided to take glass from one door to patch one of the broken windows in another door. We hung it up in the back to keep the cold from the back porch and basement out and it helped a lot! The only problem was that, as my brother would put it, it looked like a door from a haunted house! :)

It has been this way since around Thanksgiving, and finally we decided to go get some chemical stripper and try to strip down the old paint and give it a fresh new coat. My husband worked all day to get down to the original wood, he didn't get through quite all EIGHT layers but he did a good job and gave it a fresh coat of white paint. It's now our 90 year new door!

Hooray! Now for the trim... :)

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  1. Your door looks great!!! Found you through the DIY showoff :-)

  2. The door is awesome and believe me I know how patient you have to be to make your way through all those layers of paint..I am so glad that you kept the old door and re-used it..they can go for alot of money where I come from. Besides it is authentic to the house, and that is what I love the most.

  3. Thanks! We also love that it is authentic to the house, it was a great find!