Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Fabric Hair Clip Board

Yesterday I came across a hair clip holder that was made out of a frame and some ribbons, so I went to look for a cool vintage frame today at Hobby Lobby but didn't love any of them. I remembered the Fabric Photo Board that I made with canvas and fabric and decided to replicate it as a hair clip holder in a smaller size. I used a piece of one of the fabrics I bought for the baby's bedding I plan to make soon.

I also threw together a couple of ribbon hair clips from this tutorial to put on the board and get it started, I love it!! Ribbon by the spool was half off at Hobby Lobby so I was able to get a bunch of really cute ribbon for a $1 a spool. There are so many ideas for hair clips out there, I'm sure that this is going to fill up fast!

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