Monday, June 13, 2011

Boppy Cover

We found out last week that....IT'S A GIRL...and I am so excited I can't even stand it! I have two boys and can finally do all the fun girly sewing and crafting that I've been drooling over. First thing was my trip to JoAnn's because I had 50% coupons, which ended up not even using because all the fabric was either already on sale or a red tag fabric. I found all the fabric to make her bedding, including coordinating solids for making my own crib sheets! I also found three really cute flannel fabrics that I picked up in the red tag clearance section that I knew would be perfect for a boppy cover and they will coordinate well in her room with her bedding. What I have leftover from the boppy cover, I will use as receiving blankets or for little stuffed animals. :)

I thought I would just wing it on the boppy pattern, but double-checked on line for a good tutorial. I came across this "quick and dirty" tutorial that was basically what I was planning to do myself. The funniest part was she used the same fabric that I had planned to use! :)

Here's the final result (the other side has a cool red and dark pink tight polka dot pattern but it is not photographing very well):

It turned out great, and I feel so excited to have one item done from my list of MANY projects I want to do before she gets here! Best part was the cost was about $4.50 including the zipper!! That's cheaper than what I could have found in the store, especially with a unique pattern!

Much more to come!

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