Tuesday, December 21, 2010


Baby it's cold outside, and the kids are sure getting bored inside. When we were kids, every Tuesday night when my mom would work late my dad would play hide-and-seek with us. So while I wasn't sure that it would keep my kids attention at 3 and 1, I gave it a try. It turns out, Louie LOVED seeking. So I hid, about twenty times, but every time he found me he would scream with suprise and laugh. Leo basically just followed him around screaming and laughing along with him. It was so funny that one of the times I hid, I grabbed the camera to capture the moment...WORTH IT!


  1. On weekend nights when we were litto and bored and my mom worked nights, my dad used to play flash light hide and seek with us :) Then when we got tired of that, we would do silly dances in the front room and my dad would flash the flashlight on and off kinda like a cartoon :) I miss those times :)