Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Fun in Nature

I can't believe that my kids are getting so old. Louie is in kindergarten this year! As they get older (especially Louie), their minds have the ability and the need to learn so much. I mean, Louie is doing great in kindergarten and Leo and I have fun at home with arts and crafts, music and Nick Jr., but they need more and their little minds can handle so much more than I am usually organized enough to offer them. So when I saw the advertisement for the Wonderbox, and the discounted first month from being a Wittlebee member (this is cool, but I suspended my subscription because I am WAY too picky about clothes to have someone else pick them out every month), I was very interested in it. Each month you are sent a different box full of 5-6 projects based the subject that month, and suggestions for other activities related to the subject, including what to do with the box itself! How cute! This month (our first box) was nature related. It has supplies for making sun prints, going on a nature hunt and decorating your canvas bag, making a balloon greenhouse, and a few more. Friday it was so beautiful outside that we decided to do the balloon greenhouse since it seemed pretty easy and fun for the kids to do outside during that time between after school and dinner (which tends to become a bit chaotic!). They had to put dirt in a balloon with a funnel (which they thought was so cool), then we added seeds and water, blew up the balloon and hung it from the curtain rod (where I still have no curtains because I still haven't finished sewing them!), and now we wait. Which Louie was a bit upset about...by this point Leo didn't even remember what we were doing. LOL

And here they are hanging up.

Louie was very focused and interested, Leo just liked the idea of playing in the dirt. :) The ages for the projects are 3-6, since Leo is just barely old enough, not every project will probably hold his attention. This week we are planning on doing the Sunprints, which I am super excited about (maybe more than the kids!). I will post how that turns out. Very excited for the other activities from the box, and to see what this next box has in it! The way everything is put together is very simple and organized and all the packaging is so cute too! And a great value, it's only $20/month. I had a discount for the first month too since I was already a Wittlebee customer so we got it for only $10! I am so glad that we tried this. The kids are learning so much AND it is helping to keep them occupied so they don't get bored and start wrestling or running back and forth through the house (it happens...all the time)!

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