Friday, April 29, 2011

Easter Cake Recycle

I know, it's been ANOTHER month since I've posted anything! We are really close to being done with our kitchen now, just a matter of some more trim and paint touch ups. Pretty soon I'll be much more organized and ready to start some serious couponing...especially because I need to build up my stock piles before the new baby comes in the fall!

I hope you all enjoyed your Easter, we certainly had a great time with our family at my sister-in-law's house. The kids had a blast with their Easter egg hunt, even Leo found some! :) I decided to make an Easter egg cake since I had some bright colored fondant leftover from Louie's cake that I wouldn't need for the boys' upcoming birthdays as it was mainly pink and purple. It wasn't anything too spectacular, but it turned out ok and tasted great.

The best part was that I had some white cake leftover from cutting out the egg shape and had an idea for a dessert that my mom used to make. I had strawberries that needed to be eaten and vanilla pudding that I got at Aldi at some point for like $0.30. The strawberries were going bad so I cut them up and soaked them in water with a little sugar overnight. Then I picked up cool whip at Jewel (on sale for $0.89 thankfully!). The dessert is a layer of cake pieces on the bottom, then the pudding, then strawberries, and then cool whip on top. It was SO good and I was happy to not waste the cake or the strawberries!

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